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Safe & Secure


Online giving is a safe and easy way to give support to the ministries of Gospel Lighthouse Church. If you have been blessed through our ministry or website, please feel free to make a one time donation or to establish recurring contributions. You may cancel or modify contributions at any time prior to when they are scheduled. However, once the contribution has been processed it cannot be cancelled.

Benefits of Online Giving

The Ability to Give Your Tithes and Offerings

Ease of Use


No Distractions

Efficient and Safe

By establishing a one-time or recurring contribution(s) to come out of your account you are ensuring that your tithes and offerings are given back to God in an efficient and secure way.  In addition, you will not have to wonder if you gave this month or be concerned about how to pay your offering checks when you are away traveling.  Another benefit would be having less distractions during service time.  Since you do not have to write out your offering check, you then can be fully engaged with worship, knowing that your tithes and offerings have made it safely to the storehouse.  Also, online giving will provide less processing from our administrative staff since your information and your donation will automatically be processed.

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