Dr. Jerry D. Fryar is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Gospel 
Lighthouse Church, a non-denominational ministry in Columbus,
Ohio.  As a biblical scholar, visionary and anointed teacher, his
ministry focus is dedicated to reaching people from all walks of life
with the illuminating message of "Restoration".  
God has anointed him with a vision to “Reach the Lost, Refresh the
Broken, Restore Strength to the Believer, Raise up Effective Leaders
and Regain Fallen Leaders”.  Respected for his integrity in ministry in the United States and abroad, he uses his wisdom, gifts and knowledge to impart and train church leaders and mentor pastors on ways to become more effective in ministry as he plants the Word deep into their hearts through Godly insight and
​practical illustration.
Dr. Fryar is President and Founder of the Gospel Lighthouse School of Ministry, a systematic two-year Foundational Training Center in Columbus, Ohio.  In partnership with Ohio Christian University, opportunities are afforded to equip those within the five-fold governmental and congregational ministries with sound biblical knowledge for operative application and excellence in ministry. His collaborative teaching and leadership with other ecclesiastic stakeholders is scholastically edifying and inspirational. He is a graduate of Ohio Christian University, Circleville, Ohio, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree.  He is also a graduate of Trinity Lutheran Theological Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, where he earned his Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry Degrees.  
Dr. Fryar and Gospel Lighthouse Church were former members of FICWFM (Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries) of which Apostle Dr. Fredrick K.C. Price was Founder.   He is currently a member of the Christian Community Network of Local Pastors (a network of non-denominational pastors committed to keeping the Great Commandment- to love God and others-and to fulfill the Great Commission to go and make disciples).  He is active in the community and serves on several boards and civic organizations.
He and his wife Melvina are the proud parents of son, Delendo “Len” Fryar (deceased); Daughter in-law, Lauren; Daughter, Regina; four (4) grandsons and six (6) great grandchildren. 

Gospel Lighthouse Church
600 Frebis Avenue
Columbus, Ohio  43206
(614) 449-87 22
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Senior Pastor