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Gospel Lighthouse Church 
Radical Renewal of the Mind II 
Text: Ro.12:1-2. 
Introduction: The Theme for 2024, “Triunity.” 
Triunity: the state or quality of being threefold or triple. (Dictionary.Com). For GLC: 
• Relational enhancement, Realignment for reaching out, Reorganizing for effective ministry/service impact. Previous messages have emphasized relational enhancement. Relationship is the place of power and the area  to keep healthy, resulting in some realignment and reorganization.  
Defined terms: 
• Radical: the Latin source of “radical” is “radix” (genitive form: “radicis”), which directly translates to “root” ( 
• Renewal: renovation, complete change for the better. It’s a process. Origin is relational “Let us”…Gen.1:26. 
All have been affected by the damaged spiritual environment and experiences of the fallen world. Today’s world is not  the same as God created. Adam’s disobedience toward God brought about changes that affect each of us and  also creation—Ro.8:18ff. Renewal of the mind causes transformation (presents tense, passive voice—change into another form or shape). 
1. It reverses the order of supremacy/authority lost in the fall—Gen.3:4-6. 
a. God’s word dropped from 1st to 3rd place by Eve and subsequent by Adam. 
o Satan’s word was given 1st place; Eve’s thoughts by deception were given 2nd place. 
o Gen.3:6 “saw” in Hebrew raah means she began to think, have vision=misleading discernment. o The verb saw is an imperfect tense meaning once she started thinking a certain way she was convinced and continued in the same thoughts about the tree. It’s hard to break incorrect thinking once began and reaches a certain level. 
b. Jesus reaffirmed the supremacy of God’s word to the original deceiver—Matt.4:4. 
o Reaffirm—state again as a fact; assert again strongly. 
2. It reasserts surrender of your body—Ro.12:1-2; I Cor.9:27. 
a. The reasonable (logikos—logic, intelligent) response for God’s mercies (plural). 
b. The right or proper service (latreia—way to worship) of a priest (Cp. I Pet.2:9). 
o Its imagery of the OT priests serving and offering sacrifices. 
3. It reshapes you—Ro.12:2. 
a. Through renewal—renovation, changing the way you think as informed by the word of God. b. Practicing renewal causes transformation—a new person in thinking and decision making=behavior. o It prevents increased information without transformation. 
o It restricts thinking/behavior resulting in negative consequences (originated in Genesis 3). o It increases your discernment in making decisions—better understanding of what pleases God according to His word. 
“… Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” (Rom. 12:2 NLT). 


Dr. Jerry Fryar, Senior Pastor

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