Worship Service Handout

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Dr. Jerry D. Fryar, Senior Pastor








Remember our goal is His presence. We can have that while living on earth and doing ministry. In His presence is an unspoken joy and pleasure. We cannot survive or thrive without it. Thank God it’s available to all as the psalmist declared:  “Because of you, I know the path of life, as I taste the fullness of joy in your presence. At your right side I experience divine pleasures forevermore!” Psalms 16:11 (The Passion Translation).

Dr. Jerry D. Fryar, Senior Pastor

Much is challenging our communities, cities and world. Along with the pandemic, social injustice, racial inequalities, and there are frequent reoccurring shootings.

Let’s acknowledge this world will not be a Heaven on earth until the day when the old passes away and the new takes place (Revelation 21:1-5).

I encourage you to trust God to keep us strong. Let’s pray for and encourage each other. Call and encourage someone you haven’t talked with for a while. Together with God’s help we can be light and salt.