September 1982

Renovation Completed

1335 E. Sycamore St.

"Our First Church"

October 1985

581 Seymour Ave

Church Construction Completed and

 First Service Began.

May 2007

Purchased Current Facility

at 600 Frebis Ave.

June 10, 2007

First Morning Worship Service.

For Believers of different nationalities taking the message of restoration to the community, city, and the world!


Since September of 1982, Gospel Lighthouse Church (GLC) has served as a ministry of grace with a vision of “Restoration” (Joel 2:25-26). Gospel Lighthouse Church has provided anointed teaching, training, and service to people locally and abroad.  The anointed Word is taught, building up the whole person through sound biblical knowledge and laying permanent foundations in the lives of God’s people for practical application.

 Training in leadership is accomplished not only through teaching, but exemplified through the integrity of it's leaders.  GLC has credibility not only in the community, but nationally and internationally.  Service is provided through the unified efforts of co-laborers, elders, ministers and over 40 ministry leaders who walk out the vision, bound by a common cord of love and faith in God.

We will continue to establish God’s kingdom on earth.  We give God all the glory and honor for His presence in this ministry and His most wonderful, gracious and abundant works!

our history